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A recap video of our BIG night for the West Europe International Film Festival 2021. Five nominations and four awards.

At the Alexandria Film Festival 2022
2022 IBDFF festival - won the best short film social issues
2022 IBDFF award ceremony
Jorge Alvarez showing off the award at the 2022 IBDFF film festival
World premier of "Stranger in the Room" at the 2022 Katra film series
Stranger in the Room - producer Vijaykumar Mirchandani with Jessica Hottman and Steph Van
Being Interview at 2022 Katra film series
Celebrating our award win at the Filmcloudstudio event 2021
Anthony Paulino & Jamel Lewis
BFC Short Film Fest 2022
Receiving the audience award
Divide "Time to Breathe" stars Jamel Lewis & Greg Mays
Jessica Hottman & Steph Van Vlack
At the South Asian Film Festival
Katra Film Series 2021
Tough Dumplin & Rielle Love
Alexandria Film Festival 2022 interview
Soma Film Festival 2021
Robert Squires & Tiffany Nolasco
Lindsay Recanati celebrating
After Winning 4 awards at West Europe Film Festival
Vijaykumar Mirchandani & Ritika Jayaswal
Vijaykumar Mirchandani & Helena Simon
4 on the night
Robert Squires and Greg Mays
Katra Film Series 2021 before the show
Enjoying the party
AFRIKANA Selection
Premier of the film RED ROSE (2019)
Live at Soma Film Festival
Jorge Alvarez, Tony Malik & Tough Dumplin
The Crew
Premier Night for RED ROSE
2021 South Asian Film Festival
Tony Malik and Etan Hamilton


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